Sundays really are the worst

I’m not going to give one specific Sunday story but I’ve been in the restaurant business for over a decade, and let me just say that it’s a privilege when your boss lets you have Sundays as one of your days off. I don’t know what it is, but it’s so true that the church crowd is awful! It’s like kryptonite to a server when you get one of those “jesus pamphlets” left at the end of someones meal. How do you leave a jesus pamphlet and then leave a ten percent tip?! I relate that as being the same as a driver flicking you the bird with a  jesus fish on their car.  If you are gonna represent God, then don’t piss the people off that you are trying to reach out to. I understand “spreading the word”. I grew up going to church, but it’s almost offensive when certain church goers are too pushy as if they assume because you’re waiting tables you have never seen the light.  On top of bad tips, church goers tend to…what we call “camp.”  It’s one thing to leave a bad tip, but please get up and leave so someone else can sit down and possibly leave us a good one! We can’t make any more money with you sitting there when your meal is done and we can’t pay our bills with the extra pamphlet you left. This is a cool little sight you have going, it’s awesome you are acknowledging this and care.

3 thoughts on “Sundays really are the worst”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I have been guilty of “camping out” with my family and church group. Reading these stories from the serving community’s perspective really helps. That is one thing I will be conscience of when we go out to eat.
    I hate the religious pamphets. They do more harm than good. I’ve never heard them called kryptonite to servers though haha! I like that.
    Please accept our sincerest apologies from Preaching Christ Church for any time that a Christians has been rude, judgmental or arrogant to you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. It means alot! – Pastor Chad Roberts

  2. I hate those pamphlets too! They’re too preachy and judgmental and what good does leaving a pamphlet do if you’re being a disrespectful person?

    As a Christian, it really pains me to see how others treat the serving community. We are suppose to love and serve one another and treating servers as little more than robots there to serve your every whim is disheartening. Thank you for making this site–I hope it helps others see how we are only hurting our image.

  3. It is obviously wrong for a person to treat another person inappropriately, however, I wonder, what PERCENTAGE of “Christians” left a worse tip than a non-Christian?
    How many times have you witnessed an obnoxious, nasty or other “wrong” thing done to a customer by a person on staff at a restaurant (please include the things that nobody but those working at the restaurant actually is aware of)?

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