Raising My Children

I am a former waitress  that worked two jobs to support myself and my family. Sundays were the worst then as now. The church group would come in and take up all your tables, pull tables together, run you ragged getting refills, their children ran wild and always sat at a different table than the parents. They treated you like you were there to serve all their wants.  This also includes the pastors and their wife’s.  As your ad states, they are rude, lousy tippers, leave the area in a mess for you to clean up. They really need to get off their high horse because they stand the same chance of getting into heaven as I do. Funny, I remember the churches I had were the larger ones and the Holiness Church as well.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. One of the main reasons we created this website, is the hope that church groups would read how those who are, or have been, in the serving community thinks about their actions. We hope it wakes them up and causes them to realize how hard the person taking care of their table really works.
    First of all, thank you for providing for your family. You worked two jobs to support your family. There isn’t many who would have that kind of work ethic! Second, please accept our apology from Preaching Christ Church for the times the “Church Crowd” has offended you or mistreated you. As a pastor, I’m so saddened to hear that so much of the Sunday offenses are caused by pastors and their wives. We hope Christians will read these stories and think twice before they have a “I’m better than you” attitude.
    You’re right, Christians need to come down from heir “high horse” and hopefully reading experiences like yours will do just that for many people. Thank you again for sharing and thank you for working so hard all those years! – Pastor Chad Roberts

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