Retail Workers also hate working on Sundays

I know it’s horrible to be a server on Sundays but you’re forgetting the retail workers who have our own horror stories about theSunday crowd. I dread working Sundays and so do all the people I work with. People rush in to get things from our cafe before church and usually a newspaper. They’re usually in a hurry because they’ll tell you they’re late for church, they’ll yell at you when they tell you this along with, ” can’t you hurry!” We get cussed at, called horrible names, and I ve had change and other things thrown at me. All because they’re late for church!  Then after church is just as bad. They come in in their suits and nice dresses and STILL treat you like dirt. I had a man in a nice suit, who I overheard say he had just come from church and now they were going to spend the evening watching  movies. He asked me for a particular movie and when I told him I was sorry but we were sold out, he went ballistic, called me a stupid bitch and worse. The only good thing about it was I heard somebody call his name and ask what the problem was, turns out it was his preacher who made him apologize to me.  This is just one example of  what it’s like working retail on Sunday, and sometimes we spend HOURS with them, finding things for them and then cleaning up their messes after they leave, the whole time being treated horribly. This is very common  thing with the Sunday crowd. They’re very mean and disrespectful, they call you horrible names, tell you how stupid you are, and throw change and products at you.. It makes me sad that this is the side of them that servers and retail workers get to see. Think of how many servers and retail workers there are, now why would a non Christian WANT to be a Christian after seeing this kind of behavior every Sunday.  Too bad we don’t have their preachers standing around to shame them into good behavior, but then it’s also sad that somebody would NEED to shame them into good behavior

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story from the retail side. We didn’t purposely leave out those in the retail world. Our plan was to begin with the serving community (because we didn’t know if anyone would even pay attention to this site…we were wrong!).
    I can’t believe this guy called you those names. Good thing his pastor was there, but you’re right…why would people who come into contact with so-called Christians like that, ever want to even consider Christianity. Some people have no idea how detrimental their actions can be someone else’s faith. That’s the reason we created this website.
    All these “church people” going out in the community with their nice clothes on and acting like they are better than everyone…they will stand before God one day, just like we all will. I hope they come to realize the consequences of their actions and attitudes before then!
    Please accept our sincerest apologies from Preaching Christ Church. We are sorry for any situation where a Christians was rude or inconsiderate to you. Thank you for sharing your story with us! – Pastor Chad Roberts

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