Worst tip of my life

Being new to Tennessee, I had no idea where we  moved, the standard was 15%. That is crap. Well one of my first Sundays I had a 13 top, well they ran me to death, got them loads of ranch, refilled all their sweet teas, not to mention they took 2 hours and my whole section. They left me 3$. THREE dollars?!?!? Needless to say to transferred to another store, and that Sunday I walked with 10$ after tip out.

One thought on “Worst tip of my life”

  1. The stories we have heard have been even worse than we anticipated. I am sorry that you worked that hard for $3. It’s unreal how some Christians act on Sundays. Why it’s different than other days of the week I will never know. Please accept our apology from Preaching Christ Church for the bad experiences you have had with Christians. It is our hope that some of the church crowd will read these stories from the serving community and see their perspective that if they run their server to death, if they stay for 2 hrs taking up a whole section…then they should tip generously for your time and work. Thank you for working hard and thank you for serving. We are sorry for the times Christians have been rude to you. – Pastor Chad

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