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First off, I love The Lord and want to serve him daily. I want to reach people to show them the love that He can give! As Christians, having this great treasure,  we should want to show others love . We should want to show love so that through us others may see Him.So that being said, some of us need to have this eye opener about showing love to our server as well. You are not off the clock as soon as you walk outside church doors, that is when the mission begins. Even more so on Sundays.  Servers know you are coming from church so right away you are representing the church. I waited tables for nine years, starting in high school. So being someone who wants to share Gods love with others and seeing so many rude church groups, was very dishearting. Not all church groups were horrible. Some were very uplifting and encouraging (something we should be to one another). However the majority were pretty bad to wait on. Some would not even look me in the eye and  then they would leave a track without saying anything. I’ve had some groups sing their prayer together so the whole resturant would hear and then be one of the most demanding groups. It was very frustrating. I would always say to myself , I’m so glad I already know The Lord because this would have turned me completely off. I would be so angry because these people do not realize what kind of a message they are sending to the server. It’s not just that one server receiving this wrong message of how Gods people are acting. They will go and tell fellow servers about the church group that is being so rude to them. So they are having a bigger impact then they realize. Also I say church goers because not all who attend the church service are Christians. They are going to learn and maybe haven’t come to know The Lord as their savior. But for those of us who claim this promise of being His children. Please let us remember we are to be His hands and feet. Servers are watching how you act. Don’t we want to show Gods love? And yes show love to just that one person that you think is not watching. I really just remember the bad attitudes and not the bad tips. A lot of people are bad tippers. But when I go out , especially on Sundays I am a little more generous because they see I’m coming from church. I want to be set apart. I want to show kindness with my attitude and I want to be generous with my giving.  And yes most servers agree that Sundays are the worst day to work because of the church crowd. Let’s change this around! Lets show our servers and everyone around us Gods love and what kind of joy and peace He can

From hostess to server…

I have worked in a restaurant for a year a half now, and when I first started, I was hostess on Sunday mornings. I’ve grown up going to church every Sunday morning, evening, and most Wednesdays, so it was a big deal when I told my mom I had to work on Sunday mornings. Sunday lunch is on of the busiest shifts at the restuarant I work at, so hosting was always one of the worst jobs for that shift. Typically by 12:30 there was a waiting list, and most of the families and tables coming in were dressed up, as if they had just come from church. Those families were always the most rude ones I had to deal with. When told there weren’t any booths open and it would be approximately 15 minutes before one was cleaned off, I would suggest that there was a table that they could sit at without having to wait. Some would agree to the table unwillingly, but most would put their name on the wait list for a booth, and then continue to stare and make rude comments about the wait.

Aside from that, I now no longer work Sunday mornings, but instead I am a waitress on evening shifts, including Sunday nights. Our restaurant closes at 10, so by about 9:15 most servers are doing their side work and coming close to being able to go home. However, we have a group of typically 10-15 that never fail to come in at 9:45 every week, knowing that we close at 10. This group is always dressed in church clothes, as if they have just left their Sunday evening church service. To give them the benefit of the doubt, their order is typically very easy, and they aren’t very needy,  but they don’t tip anything near what is expected out of a table of about 15. Usually, all that is on the table is a few dollars and a pamphlet from their church, suggesting that I should be in church instead of working on Sunday.

After being at the same restaurant for almost 2 years, I’ve gotten used to these things, but from growing up in church I can’t believe how hypocritical some people are when they are being served. I’ve gotten dirty looks, rude comments, snide remarks, etc. from the dressed up people that just came from church, whom you would expect to the the nicest tables to serve. I will never understand

Long ago server…

Almost 3 decades ago,  I was a server in a very popular Mexican restaurant in the Cincinnati suburbs.  A good server  approaches every table the same way & treats all patrons the same.

There was a huge church about 1 mile away from the restaurant.  I soon realized that the worst patrons were from that church on Wednesdaynights  (after choir practice)  and Sunday afternoons. (after Sunday services).   The groups would range from 8-20+ people. at the same table.  Chips and salsa were served upon arrival and drink orders were taken.  As soon as I would return with the drinks, the “demand” for more chips & salsa started.  So, off I went for more.  By the time I had taken everyone’s order, there would be another “demand” for chips and salsa.  Upon returning, they were ready for drink refills.   This  little dance was their standard operating procedure.

This  dance would delay my ability to enter all of their orders into the computer thus  the wait for their meals would be about 10 minutes more than the average.
Patience was not a virtue of this group nor did it ever occur to them that the multiple runs for drinks, chips & salsa was goign to make them wait for their food.
When I say “demand”,  this group never asked politely but in disgust as if  I wasn’t promptly meeting their needs.  They were “regulars” (people who frequent a restaurant).  I would try to bond with them by asking, “How was choir practice?”.  They would look at me like I had 3 eyes and them continue to talk to each other.  It was more than obvious that this group dismissed as people as we were there to “serve” them.  Period.  So be it.

Tips would range from $1-3 on a $20 check or a printed piece of Christian  literature.  Really?

I decided to work smarter, not harder.   I would bring crocks of salsa verses little bowls and extra baskets of chips on my greeting of the table.   I brought pitchers of the sodas they were drinking so I could get their orders entered more quickly.  It seemed that the more that was in front of them, the more they ate & drank.  It was an exercise in futility.

Still, the terrible tips and dismissive attitudes continued.

It got to the point that I dreaded working on  Wednesday night and Sunday afternoons.  I was in college, prided myself on giving excellent service & really enjoyed my job,  but these folks with their superior attitudes made it miserable.

I’m 50 now and know young people who are servers.  It appears this scenario has continued through the years.  It is sad.

Slinging Hash in Ft. Worth…

I too, hated working Sundays.  Large parties come in after Sunday service, headed for the hockey game, and announce, after ordering broiled lobster (Please allow 30 minutes for preparation of this dish) that it is MY responsibility to get them out of there in time for the game or I will not get a tip. I was particularly irritated when, after asking my customers what they would like to drink, being attacked with an indignant screech,  “I don’t DRINK” as though I was offering Jack and Coke.  And, my favorite, being handed as a tip, a business card that has printed on it a map of Ft.Worth, and it reads, “How to get to heaven from Ft. Worth, Tx.”  Here’s the good part. The male patron would hand it to me and say, “I can’t give you a monetary tip, because it is a sin for you to be working on Sunday.” This guy and his wife, who never made eye contact with me once, came in every single Sunday. Really?


I own a restaurant and we are usually very busy on Sundays.  We joke about the fact that all many people come in and it’s hard to understand how they spend time giving thanks to the Lord and then they come in and are mean demanding and rude.  Not all are that way, but Sunday, by far is the day when we see the meanest and most unpleasant customers.  I do feel sorry for our servers.  They come in with a large group, don’t like waiting and then complain when the food isn’t out 15 minutes after they order.  Then we have the occasional large party that comes in early, tells us the rest are on the way, we wait 30 minutes for all to arrive and then they sit there lounging while we have a lobby full of people waiting for tables.  I have to shake my head and my server is the one that is impacted in the pocket book.  Not to mention the new IRS law where it makes it impossible to add gratuity to a large table and then they leave 5 – 10% after taking up valuable seating in the servers section.  People don’t understand these servers are trying to make a living.  None of our servers like to work on Sunday.  I make breakfast for the staff and always have donuts and other food for the servers.  It’s the least I can do before I know they have to go out and put on a smiling face and then get treated poorly.  Thank you for giving us a forum to let people know that this behavior is not okay and they should come in the door in a positive frame of mind and remember all those that are there to serve them.

Demanding PBJ at a Mexican Restaurant. No, really…

I want to start by expressing my appreciation for this effort. I would also like to add a note that this story contains some offensive language.
I realize that not all Christians are this way and that the actions of a few aren’t representative of the whole. Unfortunately, the bad people have left a more lasting impression than the good in some instances.

First, here are some basics on a server’s Sunday lunch shift: Servers make $2.13/hr because the assumption is that you earn at least minimum wage with your tips. If you don’t make tips, that paltry amount of cash goes to the government, so you make nothing. It is rare that an employer will compensate you at the minimum wage level of $7.25/hr if you don’t earn that much on your tips. On Sunday morning shifts you can expect to work twice as hard for less than half the pay you’re used to. Even in restaurants where the average bill is upwards of $40, you might walk with about $60 having worked from 9 AM to 4 PM. For those who have children or commute for half an hour to get to the job, $60 is literally nothing. Considering the gas it takes to drive to the restaurant  and/or the cost of a sitter/ any other expenses , that money is spent before you even have it, that is, if you’re lucky enough to make even that much.To compound that with rude behavior is to effectively ruin a server’s day.

Anyways, here’s my story.

In our county, we are legally prohibited from selling alcohol before noon on Sundays which is very well known legislation. Nearly everyone has had the experience of driving to the liquor store on Sunday only to realize that it’s closed. However, people still come in to restaurants after church attempting to order alcohol at 11 AM and I am under the assumption that it’s because they think we’re more lenient. If I serve alcohol to someone before noon and am caught, my restaurant gets fined in the thousands by the ABC board, I lose my ABC license–meaning I can’t serve alcohol ever again, and am fined in the thousands as well. I am sorry, but no tip is worth that happening no matter how much I like you.

This church family didn’t just ask, they demanded for a round of Bud Lights immediately upon being seated. I informed them that they’d have to wait an hour before I could serve alcohol and they both scoffed at me and one said “What kind of restaurant is this?” I shrugged it off and went to prepare some waters for them. When I came back with the waters, they  looked at each other then laughed in my face as if what I was doing had insulted them. The child who was with them whipped around with a sour face and yelled “PEANUT BUTTER JELLY SANDWICH” at me. The mother said “You have that, right?” and I said, “No, this is a Mexican restaurant, but we do have kids tacos and quesadillas that she might like” to which she scoffed and said, “We’ll see” The kid yelled “PEANUT BUTTER JELLY SANDWICH” over and over.

After essentially holding each one of their hands as I walked them through our Mexican food menu as if they had never encountered Mexican food before, they ignored each of my suggestions and ordered their meals after a 20 minute ordeal. Meanwhile, my other tables who were more well-behaved and deserving of my service are being neglected and my tips will likely suffer because of it.

The family gets their food and complains about almost everything. Things get sent back, and my manager has to visit the table a couple of times. By this point they can finally have a beer so they all order beers and I hope that this loosens them up–it doesn’t. The kid is running around the restaurant terrorizing all of the other guests with her shrieks and throwing her doll around.

Towards the end of the meal, the mother asks for a box and I say that I will go get one for her. As I’m walking away she says quite audibly, “What a fucking dumbass.” I am so upset by this that I run back the table and tell them that I have never in my life served a family as horrible as them and that they should be ashamed, then I went to get a manager (again) to tell them to leave–disregarding the inherent danger this is to keeping my job.

Of course I didn’t get a tip from them, two of my other tables saw what was happening and overtipped I’m sure out of pity, and I cried in the back of the house.

This same family came in to the restaurant every Sunday for the rest of the month and asked for a different server. Out of curiosity, I would ask whoever was serving them if they were being treated well and warned them of the family’s tempers. Every server said that they were the nicest family, tipped 20% of the bill, the child was not demonic, etc. I am really unsure what had ticked them off the time I had served them, but I felt pretty singled out.

The Disappointed Sister In Christ…

Hello! I am a 20 year old waitress, I have been serving people  for two and a half years. I love The Lord with all my heart. I  was raised in a Christian home. And I have been saved by the sacrafice of Jesus Christ. Serving has given me a lot of confidence and social abilities I am thankful for. However, it is true that Sunday mornings are  quite pitiful. I share with some of my coworkers that I go to church, and I try to let them see that light burning inside of me. The Holy Spirit. Love. Peace. Joy, because of Jesus. But the few Sundays I have had to work…elderly, middle aged and young people dressed in their slacks and coats and heels, and button ups, chatting about pastor so-and-so’s message….ruin my every attempt. I have had coworkers crying, cursing, etc because of how they were treated. It’s disgusting. It’s embarrassing  for me and our God. An old couple threw a quarter at a new girl, and talked to her like she was an animal. Do they think we are all heathens because we are not at church at that moment? A server is there to give you a good experience while you enjoy a meal with family and friends. They are the hands that carefully get your piping hot plate and tell you to be careful not to burn yourself. I am disappointed in my fellow “Christians”. Humiliated for God. Repulsed.  Going to a restaurant is a perfect place to minister. But no! you act like a demon yourself. So be it. Wait until the face of God is upon you. He sees it all. Shame will fill you up like a river. And sadness and pathetic pity is what I feel for you now. There are good people who come in and bless one of us with a huge tip, a smile, kind words, wishes of good lucks…but then there is YOU. Pushing lost people even further away from God!!!! It makes me so sad. So very very heartbroken for my Jesus.

I Dread Sundays All Week Long…

I have to wait tables every Sunday morning, and have for years, because I am a full time student. My weekdays are devoted to 10 hour days at school and catching up on my copious homework, so the weekends are all I have to make the money I need to pay my rent and support myself while I try to make a better life. I begin dreading working Sunday mornings from the time I get off work on Sunday evening and until I walk in the doors of my workplace. It is incredible rare that I have a table that will tip more than 10%, much less actually be kind on Sunday mornings.

There is one family in particular that comes in every Sunday after church who are some of the rudest people I have ever met, and they have never once tipped me. They will linger after I have gotten cut from the floor for hours ordering free refills, to go cups, happy hour wings, and make me run back and forth and back and forth, and never once even give me a smile. This family is a prime example of why I dread Sundays all through the week when I’m at school. I feel like I could tolerate it if they just ONCE left me a tip, but instead I have to pay (in tip outs to hosts and the bartender) to make me feel about 5 inches tall every Sunday. I long for the day when I have my degree and a steady job, so that I won’t have to experience the  anxiety that I feel when I see them walk through those doors and know that I have an empty party table waiting for them.

My food service experience…

I read many of the posts listed here and I have to say I agree fairly well with what I’ve seen posted.  I worked many years ago in a “Chicken” fast food restaurant in a tourist-town. At this restaurant I was required to work on occasional Sundays [as with most food-service related establishments] although the manager did try to rotate people off on Sundays as much as possible.   We were paid hourly so tips were not an issue, however I can honestly say I saw a marked difference in the attitude in some of the customers on Sundays.  What is “funny” is that some of the “regulars” who ate 3-6 times throughout the week behaved quite differently when they came in to the restaurant on Sunday. These regulars [or the Sunday-only people] would come in wearing their Sunday finest  and often make little remarks as to where the employees should be that day… These comments were not always directed at an employee, often such talk was made while standing in line waiting their turn to order or pick up their food [but in earshot of an employee].   Any of us on the front line heard comments at times… one girl I remember later venting “they think they are better than everybody else just because they go to church while I’m hear at work serving their butt…. I’m glad I don’t go to church anymore than I do…”.   Did these snide remarks from the customers help her WANT to go to church more often?  The answer is a resounding NO.  My boss felt the same way about “most” church-folks.  His dealings with them in the food industry had shown him that most church people came across uppity and self-righteous, were loud and disrespectful, left the biggest messes and were simply rude [and meaner than others to the employees] There were several openly remarks he made to that effect behind the counters. I didn’t like being there on Sundays either and mostly ignored the remarks. So what…. It bothered me more seeing how it impacted my coworkers who “didn’t care to go to church anymore”.  There was once a customer who chided me directly for being there instead of at church; I politely told them  I was there because I HAD to be there that day and if all the “church-folk” coming there would quit eating out then the rest of us could be at church too.  [I know today that isn’t entirely true but it sounded good then].
I will say this…. the one food service place I worked in where “church” folk acted just like EVERYBODY else on Sundays was when I worked at a theme-park.  I suppose that was because church family/groups zipping through the lines were too busy having fun to chide the person behind the counter for not being at church that day either.   They may have still been rude but that’s when we dubbed them as a tourist an not a “local”… TOURIST now that is another blog for another day.


There is this lady, her son and mother who come into the place of business I serve at.
She wears all these giant “Jesus loves you” , “I. Love Jesus” buttons
And will sing at the top of her lungs “Jesus loves me yes I know..”.
While she complains And throws a fit about her food portions and ordering
Same item as always but yet saying she had no idea it would cost that much.
She then tries to get people around her to pay her bill (if she hasn’t been
Able to get her food for free today) after she goes to leave she walks up front to
Pay but will walk out on her bill not top and steal items the try to return the stolen items
Later on in the week!!!