widow mom depends on daughter

I’m so glad you are doing this…my daughter works in the food industry and depends on her tips to help with bills since her father passed. she is a great person how do I know this…I RAISED HER RIGHT…but she hates to work Sundays. I see her in tears more often than I would like. she has tattoos..derm piercing..and all she hears is your going to hell for that..and you shouldn’t be working on Sundays..she always says you don’t know me but my God does..and why are you eating out on Sunday are u going to hell also. you get point. Christians non Christian who cares what about just plan old human kindness compassion as Jesus taught. just think how many lost souls would bee saved. so don’t judge her or any one else for working.on Sunday… thanks Lisa b from small town USA

Actually one great advantage to Sunday’s

The best, safest time of the week for me is when the “christians” are gathered in church. I know where they are and while they are there, they can’t hurt me. Only problem is most around here are learning to judge people like me.

I used to work in a coffee shop. I would see the preachers come in with their nice cars, nice suits, and the latest in technology. Things I couldn’t even think about buying. Many of us prayed we would have enough gas to get to work while these guys sit on their fanny, drinking expensive coffee the servers couldn’t even afford to buy, while using iPads to prepare their sermons. It made me shake my head in disgust.

In my experience, churches in this area do more harm than good. They certainly don’t give God a good name. But since you are going to get together every Sunday anyway, I’ll enjoy the peace, quiet, and safety of knowing where my enemies are.

God still loves me even if his followers don’t.

So judgemental

I grew up.in this area and for the most part wouldn’t have had it any other way. I have attwnded several of the churches in and around Kingsport and have found that although many of them have a friendly crowd while attending they are quick to judge and are very judgemental of you if you are not “up to their standards or their dress code”. I have often wondered why that is and think back to being in church as a child. Im not sure of the whole passage but in particular one part says”judge not least ye be judged.” Im not perfect nor do I pretend to be. Like the others posting here I have worked in food but fpr me thats all I’ve ever done. I dont expect charity or anyone to be perfect but dont sit and judge me or the others around you just because we dont attend services on sunday and we work serving your meals that you are not at home cooking. The only way you don’t have to do some kind of work on Sunday is because someone else is doing it for you!working in a small restaurant that only seats a out 50 ppl you tend to hear alot of conversations unintentionally especially if you only have a few ppl working. My point is talking about ppl and being rude when they are making you food is just not a good thing. I’ve actually had employees walk off from their assigned positions and clock out and leave because of a sunday church goer being rude to them because they hadn’t attended church in some time because they worked alot on Sundays. Many of those working in establishments on Sundays are young and have families they are trying to keep fed and for some the best time they can work is an open to close shift on a sunday because a family member has graciously offered to keep their children and take them to Sunday service.

cussed out by a school teacher

A man came into the grocery store bakery I worked at and proceeded to tell me I was f’ing stupid and had f’d up his order. He said there was no way in hell he was going to accept this f’ing mess.

I apologized for the mistake, explained that the order was taken and filled before I had gotten to work. I fixed the problem, gave him a 50% discount, and a set of decorative serving bowls that I had to charge to the department. His discount was $40 dollars plus the cost of the bowls.

After he walked off to talk to a manager, and have his complete order given to him for free, a lady standing nearby apologized for his behavior. She then told us he was a Sunday school teacher at her church.


I’ve been on both sides of this topic and I have to say it’s 10 thousand times worse seeing a “Sunday Warrior” do their best to act as if their holier than though attitude does something for their “faith”. It doesn’t change my opinion on the churches themselves, after all I don’t hold it against each and every school for the students that don’t care enough to try, right? So with that said, I usually turn my hatred of you fake people onto you alone, and just remember the cardinal rule of eating out in a restaurant…. “Don’t piss off someone who handles your food”

I know a lot about what servers go through. After all, I published a book about it.

I was a server on and off for 15 years. I used to work a lot of Sunday lunches, and I have experienced this rude behavior for myself, and I can say that it’s not my imagination. The church people can be really rude. But I think I know where the answer lies in all of this. I actually think that the reason why they behave like this is because of the tone of the message that they’re getting in church that morning. I always thought that when you left church, you were supposed to feel replenished and ready to take on the week. I always watch T.D. Jakes every week, and I know he always makes me feel that way. I’ve also been to several churches in the Tri-Cities area, and I honestly can’t say that. If you leave the church feeling negative, of course you’re going to take it out on your server. So that is where I feel the real problem lies. It’s in the message and the delivery of the message. After I got out of the restaurant business, I decided to write a book about it. My Amazon Kindle book is titled “Laughter, Life Lessons and Logic from the Culinary Catwalk Diva Queen of the Waitress World”. It details my hilarious experiences as well as some insights on the restaurant industry. If you’re looking to laugh as well as learn something, then I highly recommend this book.

And Yet Here We Find Ourselves

A few years ago I was serving in a popular Knoxville restaurant. It was a Sunday lunch shift, and the majority of my tables were church-goers.

When I brought back one woman’s change, she stopped me and said she wanted to ask me about church. I told her that I did not attend any church, to which she replied “That’s no surprise.”

She then proceeded to give me a lecture about the sin of working on the Sabbath.

I asked her why she thought I had to work on a Sunday afternoon, and whether it had anything to do with her.

I had to mace a lady.

A few months ago at a Johnson City Restaurant where I have worked for 3 years now. We had a family of 4 walk in 5 minutes before close. The lady had slurred speech and the dad was very possessive. They had a small maybe 6 year old girl and small maybe 4 year old boy with them . They kept talking about Hell and everything about Hell . Nothing like ” Hey do you know Jesus? or Hey are you saved?”  Just Hell.  They cornered the host , busser, and the server left in tears because they told her she wold burn in Hell if she didn’t confess her sins to her right now. They came back a month ago and terrified yet another busser , two more host and managed to corner two of them outside. The lady left her purse on purpose and ( keep in mind they come in 5 minutes before close most of us work 12 hours shifts on Sundays including the cooks and these people don’t tip.) Our manager told her you need to leave now when she gave her her purse but that didn’t stop them they waited on the servers to leave the building and cornered them outside. When I walked outside. I saw the one girl on the right cornered against a railing and could not go anywhere and the other girl on the right.  I told the girl we were leaveing now and she said she couldn’t . The worker couldn’t leave because of these people wouldn’t let her?  I said we are leaving and Iled her to her car and walked to mine. The lady started chasing me . CHASING ME – in a dark parking lot a  11:30 a night. I gave her three warning ( two too many) and told her I would mace her if she came anywhere near me. ( 13 hour shift I just wanted to go home) She was banging on my car window I AM IN MY CAR SCREAMING at me “I would burn in Hell and that Hell would have no furry on my soul.” She told the other girl her son would die before she got to him if she didn’t confess her sins to her right now . These people couldn’t have been Christian. I am a Christian and I am saved by the Grace of God and no I am not burning in HELL. Her and her Husbands actions were 100% crazy and non- Christian. There wasn’t one good thing she even said about God just Hell. I wish they hadn’t done what they had because the one girl she terrified and cornered outside used to be a Christian and no claims she is a non believer….. GREAT MOTIVE . We did have to call the copes and each employee had to write a statement. Chase me in a dark parking lot after my shift again and I will shoot next time. Not mace.


Here is the kicker. Now all of the employees talk about it and non of the believe in God. – Oh yeah I am not allowed to witness at work either or to work employees. So I can’t even Stand up for Jesus in this situation without loosing my job. These people were’t Christians they were a strait up Colt of some sort. BTW they can’t come back to our restaurant.

Mother of a WAITRESS

I am the mother of a server. She makes 2.10 per hour. It’s the tips from strangers that pays her bills.  Even before she was old enough to work I knew that a generous tip to a restaurant server was the best way I could think of to touch someone on a very personal level. Many people like to give to charities but you never see the face of the person you help. A great way to bless a person one on one is to ask about how their life is going, what hardship they might be going through because with today’s economy, everyone these days is having a very hard time. I work as a collector and you can’t believe how hard times are. When you tip from your heart and as a Christian, God should be in your heart, you leave feeling blessed by the oportunity to help a real person who needs God’s love. When a Christian judges and decides their server is not worth God’s love or kindness you have turned away from God and have taken over his job of passing judgment.

My daughter works very hard to give the best service she can and at times Christian hypocrites decide she is not worth a tip because she’s working on a Sunday. She too has heard “I give at church”.  I can’t ever remember going to a restaurant and not giving at least 20% and that was before I found out that servers are only paid enough hourly to pay government taxes. What a shame that God’s love and light doesn’t shine on them from all Christians; that we can’t show love for these sons and daughters as Jesus would do. Just perhaps one day it’s Jesus who is serving you, just as he washed the feet of his friends to show them how we should treat everyone. What are you going to do? Your tenderness makes all the difference.

I can’t understand why anyone would want to go to church….

I work in a small restaurant in this area and have been in church my whole life.  I know most of the people in this area and most of my customers. Sundays are the worst.  We work a lot of hours and with Sunday being the busiest for lunch and we all have to work.  Since I started there I haven’t had a Sunday off and I miss being able to go to church!  We Are a family business and some of my family does not believe in God or church.  So when the “church crowd” shows up rude, hateful, quick tempered and just down right awful sometimes its hard to be a witness.  I personally had a new pastor ask me if I went to church.  I told him If I didn’t have to work on Sundays and Wednesdays I would love to be there. He questioned me every time I went by the table.  Made rude comments on why I was working and it made me upset.  Not only that this past Sunday he brought in a group. They were very rude. Even other customers noticed.  That night when we were closing  someone said “I can’t understand why anyone would want to go to church.  How can  you want to be around these people? And  this is why he will never step foot in a church”
It hurts me to think that lives may be in the balance. How you act and what you do while representing a church does affect those around you.