About Campaign

The concept for Sundays are the worst came when we heard about a pastor in St. Louis that went with their church group to Applebees and wrote on the receipt, “I give God 10%, why would I give you 18%?” The story went viral.

We knew there was a huge disconnect between the serving community and the church crowd on Sundays. Because there are many servers who attend our church, we began asking ourselves, “What can we do to begin a dialogue with the serving community? How can we let them know that not all Christians are like this?”

That’s where Sundays are the worst was born! We tried to set up a facebook page. Restaurant owners began to tell us about social media policies they had that if a server were to post on it, they could be terminated. So we went back to the drawing board and created www.sundaysaretheworst.com

Our goal is very simple. We want to create conversation. Our hope is that the church crowd will read the thoughts and experiences from the serving community and that it would cause them to re-think their actions and attitudes on Sundays. We also hope that server who have been legitimately hurt by Christians would realize that there is a church that really cares about how they are treated. It bothers us, angers us and saddens us when we read these stories of how some Christians have judged, belittled and mistreated the serving community. We hope they will see that we really do care.

We have chosen to write an apology to each server that posts on our site. We will choose a story a week and give a gift card from Preaching Christ Church. It’s our way of saying, “We get it and we’re sorry for the way Christians have treated you.”

We hope you enjoy our site. Yes, there is alot of negative posts, but we believe there will be some positive things come from this as well and we look forward to hearing and celebrating those stories too!

For the Gospel,
Pastor Chad Roberts