Underdone Steak; Overdone Arrogance

This isn’t a story from a server, but from a fellow customer. And it wasn’t on a Sunday, but we were all Christians. The customer in question was the son-in-law of a former friend. He also was a leader in the church we attended, in fact an elder in an OPC…strict reformed, adhering to the bible above all else, obeying and serving God in every aspect of his life.

Well, the poor waitress who brought him undercooked steak. Honestly, I was mortified at how he treated her. He snapped his fingers to get her attention, picked up the plate to hold it under her face, then slammed the plate back onto the table, all the while berating her for the steak being under done. It was the rudest behavior I’d ever seen from anyone, for any reason (other than someone who flipped me off in traffic) and the waitress, after apologizing, left with the plate and the son-in-law went on for another five minutes or so. Arrogant S.O.B. anyway. Then we all got to wait for a different steak to be brought, which came after everyone else was done eating.