Clean Up Fin Times

I used to work at a ‘big name’ store as a janitor type person.

For the most part, things were ok. Usually the ‘mundane tasks’ like cleaning bathrooms, sweeping up accidents (like a busted jar  on the floor), spot-mopping. Sundays? Almost always the worst day of the week.

It  seems like a lot of people come in on Sundays after church to do their shopping. Which makes sense if they only come ‘into town’ for church.

The bathrooms would get trashed (toilet paper on the floors, paper towels/other trash taken out of the bin by the sink, diapers left out of trash cans) is a big thing. And since there are more people, theres more spot mopping. I would block off the area I need to clean (with the cleaning cart, and orange wet floor signs in both English and Spanish (due to a large Mexican population)). About half of the people would ignore the signs and walk through the area, marking up the floor I then had to re-mop. I had no problems getting them the things they wanted/needed if I managed to catch them before they walked in the area, but sometimes Im turned in the opposite direction and dont see. But there are some that ignore me. Thankfully in the almost 2 years I worked there, noone slipped and fell. I even asked management if I could get in trouble if they did fall- I was told no if the orange cones were out.