I’m So Sorry

I stumbled onto this site this morning and read with grief the experiences of the serving community.  My heart is broken for the abuse many have received.  There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from anyone but especially from the christian community.  Christ followers are to exhibit the love and life of Jesus in every area of their lives.  This too, I fully believe, is the problem.  Having served the local church in worship ministry for 35 years, I have seen my share of the rude church people.  The fact that a person attends church regularly and calls themselves a christian doesn’t make them a christian anymore than me sitting in a garage make me a car.  Billy Graham once said one of our biggest mission fields is our church roles.  I believe that.  I am extremely sorry for the feeling of dread many servers have when it comes to Sundays and christians.  But all christians are not like that.  Please don’t judge all by the example of some.  I know that’s hard!  My biggest hope and prayer is that servers will not judge the grace, goodness and love of Jesus by bad example or fraud of religious people.  Their example is NOT what life in Jesus looks like or actually is.

Thank you for your service to the world.  It is a hard, tiring job and I want you to know that this Christ follower appreciates you and if you happen to ever serve me and my family you will be greeted with kindness and gratitude as well as generous tip.  My wife often ask me what I am leaving for our server.  When I tell her she will often say, “That’s not enough.”  :-)  We bless you for blessing us!