The Looks

Overall, I believe the worst part about restaurant working on Sunday mornings is the look people give you. The “I can’t believe you’re here instead of church” look. Like I’m some rotten heathen going to hell because I’m serving them instead of at church. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to be here, I’d rather be in church. But I’m a college student in debt till I’m 57 and i don’t have the luxury to not work.

I go to a Christian university and live in the heart of the Bible Belt so it is not uncommon to find a gospel track instead of a tip inside the check book. Not trying to sound rude, but your track doesn’t pay my rent, electric, phone, car, gas, and especially not my tuition.

And one last thing. To the people who write “I give God 10%, why should I give you 20%?” Please stop being ignorant. God asks you for 10% of you’re entire income…we are asking for a measly 15%-20% of your bill. There’s a HUGE difference.