Back of the Restaurant

I was working my butt off as a restaurant hostess at a popular national chain restaurant in Texas. I was the only hostess working in a very busy restaurant on a particularly crowded sunday morning. The large church the restaurant shared a parking lot with had recently finished services and a large portion of the paritioners would come eat at this restaurant. The whole place seated about 120 people so we went to a wait list within 30 minutes. I went through the list and seated people as tables became available. Well it just so happened that one of the tables was in the very back of the restaurant, and if you were seated there you could see into the kitchen. I sat a group of four ladies at that table on that sunday morning, wished that they enjoyed their meal, and went back to the hostess stand. About two minutes later three of the women storm out of the restaurant while the fourth confronts me at the hostess desk. She accuses me of being a racist and purposefully seating them “in the back of the restaurant, like this is a 1950 montgomery bus”. I was shocked, I’d never been called racist (I’m not). I just stood there as she yelled in my face in front of a crowded waiting area and left. I cleaned the table and seated the next group of people there. No one ever had a problem sitting at that table besides those women. I worked there for over 3 years. The experience has always stayed with me. She had an opportunity to request another table, to inform management that the table was, in their opinion, inappropriately placed. She could have asked why I seated them there, looked into my eyes and see the horror as she might suggest it could have been racially motivated. She didn’t want to find a solution or call attention to a real problem. She wanted to make a scene and be angry. It was a choice I saw many christians who came to our restaurant repeat. In my heart I hope they can find compassion, empathy, and logic.