Sundays are the worst of all days

I hate waiting Tables on sunday as a christian myself it stinks because I dont get to go to church but then you have crowds of people who flood your restraunt after just loving the Lord most of them are the rudest people we have all week and look at you like a heathen because you are at work I have the few that ask me if its 12:30 so they can order a alcoholic drink and ask for it in a to go cup as not to be seen from the rest of there peers and the tips are the worst I mean really a pamphlet that looks like money does I state again does not pay my bills yes you give 10% to the church thats 10% percent of your monthly income and God blesses you for your faith and thythe i could go on but my language would not be appropriate church goers are the worst rude demanding of service but yet feel almost like they are above paying for it because they went to Gods house when a good few may have been sitting at the Bar in my establishment the night before guess im at the end of my rant bless yuo for this website