After church on Sunday is the most hateful people…

I work at a local grocery store and after Church on Sunday is the most hateful people.  I believe they need to go back to church until the Good Lord tenders their heart and fills them with love for others.
We do have a local choir director that is a joy to serve and is a true example of Christ’s love.
There is a woman “preacher” that acts like Satan’s preacher.  She is rude, hateful and insulting to most of the people serving her which is the exact opposite of Christ’s teaching.  One Sunday she asked me who fried the chicken, I told her I did and she refused to buy that chicken because she had never had any that I had fixed.  I had to get a coworker to fry her chicken although what was there was very fresh and all chicken is fried the same way.  She had to make a big scene and before hers was ready what was ready fried was gone.  She really makes a person want to go to church!
This woman preacher also brags about her Mercedes and her hugh dog that is her prized procession.  With her “worldly items” she gets food stamps.  What a fine example of what a Christian is NOT!

2 thoughts on “After church on Sunday is the most hateful people…”

  1. Why are people more rude on Sundays than any other day of the week? I don’t know if I will ever understand it! Preaching Christ Church is deeply sorry for how rude this lady was toward you. I’m glad you recognize that it is not the example Christ would set. So often, Christians fail at representing Jesus to our community. Please accept our apology for this bad experience! – Pastor Chad

    1. Thank you for the apology, but it was not necessary. You did nothing wrong. I appreciate this site and hopefully will wake the Christians and convict them of their wrongdoing. Perhaps they will apologize for their behavior and lead someone to Christ.
      Thank you for a means to vent!
      Giving Jesus the Glory!

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