Without Fail…

I worked at a little mom & pop type restaurant when I was in high school.  This was 10+ years ago but I will never, ever forget.  In fact, I’m certain I could still pick the offenders out of a crowd still to this day.  Without fail every single Sunday night 15 minutes before close a group would come in fresh out of church.  There were always 12-15 adults plus at least 6 smaller kids.  I always got stuck with them.  If you can imagine an odd request, they had it.  I stayed running back and forth to the kitchen for them, fake smile in tow each time.  I knew what was coming….  Despite the good service they always received, I never made more than $8 off that table, often with part of the tip in change.  They would stay a minimum of an hour and a half, meaning on my “early off” night, I was still there until around 11 because certain cleaning could not be done until they were gone.  Those kids?  Were the worst kids I routinely waited on.  Food all in the floors, spilled drinks, shredded and scattered papergoods…..  I remember asking one of the parents if I could get their child some crayons and paper to keep her occupied and her exact reply to me was, “No, she’d rather throw her rice on the floor.”  In what world is that okay?!  Did they allow this behavior at home as well???  In case you’ve never tried to vacuum or sweep cooked rice off carpetted floors here’s a hint: it’s not coming up unless you pick it up.  I have never dealt with a more rude, needy, ill mannered group in my life.  I will never forget them as long as I live and I will never go in a restaurant 15 minutes before close even if I was starving.  But you can bet if I did, I’d tip much more than a lousy $8.  Ridiculous…..

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  1. Please accept our apologies from Preaching Christ Church for the way this group treated you. My hope in creating this website is that, we as church goers, would see from the perspective of those who serve, just how inconsiderate we can be sometimes.
    Hopefully other groups will read your story and think before they cause such bad behavior to another server. Thank you for taking your time to share your story with us! – Pastor Chad Roberts

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