It’s all true. Plue some…

I have been in restaurants my entire life. I’ve read a lot of the stories here, and have experienced most of them.  I managed a restaurant where the owners of the franchise’s office was closest to my restaurant.  Catholics, pillars of the community. The 2 owner operator son in laws having a reputation for having side girl’s in each restaurant they owned. Would bring their entire family, including young twins, among other children, the parent’s in law, who were the 51% owners, the daughters and wives of the church going big contributor son in laws. The whole family would come into lunch at least once a week, often more. My waitstaff cringed at seeing them pull up. They would leave stacks of quarters amounting to 2 maybe 3 dollars as tips. For waiting on 8-12 people, as they ate in their own restaurant for free of course.
I worked at one popular place and waited on a popular race car driver and his wife and their best friend couple, they always, always treated me badly, as if they were so much better than everyone else. Also, BIG church goers, pillars of the community. Of course small tips after they look down their nose at you for the hour that you wait on them,  serving their scotch on the rocks.
My daughter is now a server at another popular place, same race car driver and his family recently treated her the same if not worse. She calls me every night to tell me how her night went. She started to tell me of these horrible people and their teenage children who wouldn’t even look up at her, not make eye contact because they were so snotty. She then described them to me, and I said “XXXXXXXX?” and she says yes! that’s his name!
I realize this is about church goers “Christians”.   This is only a snippet of the stories I could tell. Anyone who has ever served and worked on Sundays knows for a fact, all of this is true. Some pertinent parts being left out, for politically correct reasons, and anyone reading this , that has experienced any of this knows what that means.
One other thing I have noticed here, is that the truly decent people, Christian or not, always make up for the ones who don’t tip properly. People at other tables watch, observe and are appalled at the behavior of these so called Christians, and tip extra to make up for them.
It is a risky business, and you must have a thick thick skin to endure it.
Here is what I have to say to all the church goers, who look down on servers.
You can stand in a garage, but that doesn’t make you a mechanic.

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  1. Thank you for your post! I’m glad that you pointed out that there are others who see the rude behavior of some and often tip extra because of it. I met a man today who told me a similar story that the couple he was with refused to tip their server so he and his wife tipped extra in their place! It’s important to remember the positive things people do as well.
    Please accept our apologies from Preaching Christ Church for any time that a Christian has been rude or inconsiderate to you. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! – Pastor Chad Roberts

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