it’s not only sunday… its Wednesday nights too!

I worked in a restaurant in a small town and every wednesday night the most arrogant group  of holiness or Pentecostal church members and pastor included would come in. They came in a group of about 15-20. Including their rambunctious  children. Not only did they ask me questions like if I was saved, if I went to church, and make remarks like i needed to repent… but they never left a tip. Not on Sundays or Wednesday’s. They did, however leave their children to run around unsupervised and disrupt other customers. And they left the most awful messes to clean. We had carpet and I had to clean it every night… im talking ice cream, potatoes, you name it  was smashed into the carpet. A lot of times they wouldn’t even talk to me… ironically,  I am a Christian. I go to church every sunday and Wednesday’s if I can make it. I never shared that with them. So quick to judge without knowing onesstory.

One thought on “it’s not only sunday… its Wednesday nights too!”

  1. So true…so true! Pleas accept our sincerest apologies for these terrible experiences. I know that so many of our fellow Christians think they are helping by asking strangers, “Are you saved”, “do you attend church” etc.
    Why not build a relationship with people first? Why not get to know them and show a real and genuine interest in their life first?
    Thank you for taking your time to share your story with us! – Pastor Chad Roberts

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