We make $2.13 an hour…

In my opinion Sunday mornings are one of the worst days for a restaurant server because the people that come in to dine after church look down upon the person serving them because they are working and not attending services at church. If all restaurants were closed on Sundays then who would be serving you and your family when you go out to dine after church? Also, not to sound rude but those little pamphlets about Jesus and what not are a nice gesture but should not take the place of a monetary tip. We made $2.13 an hour, have to pay the host/bussers out of our own money PLUS pay taxes on it all whether we make it or not. So the $2.00 on a $50.00 tab and a pamplet really just means we did our job for free for you. And just because someone chooses to wait tables for a living and works on Sunday does not in any way mean that he/she doesn’t know Jesus/go to church when they can/or isn’t religious. Sunday’s are usually a pretty busy day and we need to work busy days to make money to pay our bills and feed our families too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. One of the reasons we created this site is so that people could understand Sunday’s from the serving community’s perspective. As a pastor, I despise the fake money pamphlets. If someone brings them to our welcome center, we throw them away! We appreciate how hard servers work, and you are right, if servers didn’t work on Sunday’s then people who have to prepare their own food! Preaching Christ Church appreciates what you do and we apologize on behalf of other Christians for the times that we seem rude, impatient or unkind. – Pastor Chad

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