Clean Up Fin Times

I used to work at a ‘big name’ store as a janitor type person.

For the most part, things were ok. Usually the ‘mundane tasks’ like cleaning bathrooms, sweeping up accidents (like a busted jar  on the floor), spot-mopping. Sundays? Almost always the worst day of the week.

It  seems like a lot of people come in on Sundays after church to do their shopping. Which makes sense if they only come ‘into town’ for church.

The bathrooms would get trashed (toilet paper on the floors, paper towels/other trash taken out of the bin by the sink, diapers left out of trash cans) is a big thing. And since there are more people, theres more spot mopping. I would block off the area I need to clean (with the cleaning cart, and orange wet floor signs in both English and Spanish (due to a large Mexican population)). About half of the people would ignore the signs and walk through the area, marking up the floor I then had to re-mop. I had no problems getting them the things they wanted/needed if I managed to catch them before they walked in the area, but sometimes Im turned in the opposite direction and dont see. But there are some that ignore me. Thankfully in the almost 2 years I worked there, noone slipped and fell. I even asked management if I could get in trouble if they did fall- I was told no if the orange cones were out.

Underdone Steak; Overdone Arrogance

This isn’t a story from a server, but from a fellow customer. And it wasn’t on a Sunday, but we were all Christians. The customer in question was the son-in-law of a former friend. He also was a leader in the church we attended, in fact an elder in an OPC…strict reformed, adhering to the bible above all else, obeying and serving God in every aspect of his life.

Well, the poor waitress who brought him undercooked steak. Honestly, I was mortified at how he treated her. He snapped his fingers to get her attention, picked up the plate to hold it under her face, then slammed the plate back onto the table, all the while berating her for the steak being under done. It was the rudest behavior I’d ever seen from anyone, for any reason (other than someone who flipped me off in traffic) and the waitress, after apologizing, left with the plate and the son-in-law went on for another five minutes or so. Arrogant S.O.B. anyway. Then we all got to wait for a different steak to be brought, which came after everyone else was done eating.



Thank you for your interest.  Couple from Leawood, KS just left, the woman said today (June 7) was her husband’s birthday and that he was her Pastor.  She complained bitterly and rudely about things out of my control, didn’t tip the server all in the name of Christianity.  I am a Christian and I proudly accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour 20 years ago.  I am not offended to be treated this way, although to tell the truth I don’t really rejoice in it as much as I should.  I’m concerned that the young people I work with have this person to look to as an example of a Christian.  Just words for thought.

I’m So Sorry

I stumbled onto this site this morning and read with grief the experiences of the serving community.  My heart is broken for the abuse many have received.  There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from anyone but especially from the christian community.  Christ followers are to exhibit the love and life of Jesus in every area of their lives.  This too, I fully believe, is the problem.  Having served the local church in worship ministry for 35 years, I have seen my share of the rude church people.  The fact that a person attends church regularly and calls themselves a christian doesn’t make them a christian anymore than me sitting in a garage make me a car.  Billy Graham once said one of our biggest mission fields is our church roles.  I believe that.  I am extremely sorry for the feeling of dread many servers have when it comes to Sundays and christians.  But all christians are not like that.  Please don’t judge all by the example of some.  I know that’s hard!  My biggest hope and prayer is that servers will not judge the grace, goodness and love of Jesus by bad example or fraud of religious people.  Their example is NOT what life in Jesus looks like or actually is.

Thank you for your service to the world.  It is a hard, tiring job and I want you to know that this Christ follower appreciates you and if you happen to ever serve me and my family you will be greeted with kindness and gratitude as well as generous tip.  My wife often ask me what I am leaving for our server.  When I tell her she will often say, “That’s not enough.”  :-)  We bless you for blessing us!

The Looks

Overall, I believe the worst part about restaurant working on Sunday mornings is the look people give you. The “I can’t believe you’re here instead of church” look. Like I’m some rotten heathen going to hell because I’m serving them instead of at church. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to be here, I’d rather be in church. But I’m a college student in debt till I’m 57 and i don’t have the luxury to not work.

I go to a Christian university and live in the heart of the Bible Belt so it is not uncommon to find a gospel track instead of a tip inside the check book. Not trying to sound rude, but your track doesn’t pay my rent, electric, phone, car, gas, and especially not my tuition.

And one last thing. To the people who write “I give God 10%, why should I give you 20%?” Please stop being ignorant. God asks you for 10% of you’re entire income…we are asking for a measly 15%-20% of your bill. There’s a HUGE difference.

Sundays are the worst of all days

I hate waiting Tables on sunday as a christian myself it stinks because I dont get to go to church but then you have crowds of people who flood your restraunt after just loving the Lord most of them are the rudest people we have all week and look at you like a heathen because you are at work I have the few that ask me if its 12:30 so they can order a alcoholic drink and ask for it in a to go cup as not to be seen from the rest of there peers and the tips are the worst I mean really a pamphlet that looks like money does I state again does not pay my bills yes you give 10% to the church thats 10% percent of your monthly income and God blesses you for your faith and thythe i could go on but my language would not be appropriate church goers are the worst rude demanding of service but yet feel almost like they are above paying for it because they went to Gods house when a good few may have been sitting at the Bar in my establishment the night before guess im at the end of my rant bless yuo for this website

Back of the Restaurant

I was working my butt off as a restaurant hostess at a popular national chain restaurant in Texas. I was the only hostess working in a very busy restaurant on a particularly crowded sunday morning. The large church the restaurant shared a parking lot with had recently finished services and a large portion of the paritioners would come eat at this restaurant. The whole place seated about 120 people so we went to a wait list within 30 minutes. I went through the list and seated people as tables became available. Well it just so happened that one of the tables was in the very back of the restaurant, and if you were seated there you could see into the kitchen. I sat a group of four ladies at that table on that sunday morning, wished that they enjoyed their meal, and went back to the hostess stand. About two minutes later three of the women storm out of the restaurant while the fourth confronts me at the hostess desk. She accuses me of being a racist and purposefully seating them “in the back of the restaurant, like this is a 1950 montgomery bus”. I was shocked, I’d never been called racist (I’m not). I just stood there as she yelled in my face in front of a crowded waiting area and left. I cleaned the table and seated the next group of people there. No one ever had a problem sitting at that table besides those women. I worked there for over 3 years. The experience has always stayed with me. She had an opportunity to request another table, to inform management that the table was, in their opinion, inappropriately placed. She could have asked why I seated them there, looked into my eyes and see the horror as she might suggest it could have been racially motivated. She didn’t want to find a solution or call attention to a real problem. She wanted to make a scene and be angry. It was a choice I saw many christians who came to our restaurant repeat. In my heart I hope they can find compassion, empathy, and logic.

Sundays really are impossible in restaurants

I just came across this site, and WOW just WOW!!!  I am so incredibly happy someone is taking notice but not just complaining or defending but coming up with a solution!  This is wonderful.  Now I come with this story from different sides of the restaurant.  In NY I was the general manager of a restaurant that had to deal with this.  In atlanta I was a manager AND server dealing with this as well as orlando, fl.  As a manager I used to get upset with the servers when I got these complaints monday morning.  After a while I noticed that every person was requesting sunday’s off to the point I did not have anyone and I posted a note that I was going to be hiring.  Well the staff went nuts saying they don’t have enough hours now, and I told them my situation and they didn’t realize it was everyone!  So I starting asking everyone what the deal was, including one of my servers that went to this one particular church I would get the most complaints from.  I could NOT believe what I was hearing!!  They all went off about how they are treated, spoke to mess they had to clean up for almost no tip.  Then to make it worse on the way out the door servers would hear them say “God’s gets 10% of my money why should they 18%”  That is when the most polite and quiet server I had started to speak up and defend her church.  Now I knew there was more to this, because the complaints I was getting then looking at who was working in a lot of cases did not make sense.  I knew my staff very well.  Anyways, so I said fine,  I staffed the servers that I remembered got bad complaints and the server that goes to that church and my superstar manager to run the shift and I was there to watch and assist.  Now I not bashing I’m am just sharing because this site can do a lot of good for both sides of this problem.  But the members came in and just took over the restaurant!!  I mean took over!!  Moving tables, asking other families that were already eating if they would move so they could sit together.  The “head” woman came behind the wall behind “the line” to see who was working and help herself to our coffee in her travel cup.  “I said excuse me who are you?” nicely but in a tone that she knew I can not have her in that area especially in open toed shoes, that would be a law suit waiting to happen.  She came back with “I’m the one that brings in this money every sunday evening!! Your welcome! Who might you be?”  I told her who I was and we need to have a talk.  To some it up we talked I had a couple other parents come over to listen as well, and the problem was they just did not know!!!!  That’s it!!  They were not aware of the servers perception on them coming in taking over and the servers forgot about when you go out in groups with friends and family, you don’t sit in the same seat the entire time and your having a good time and time flies and is chaotic.  So now we both listened and spoke, we came up with a system for a parent to call when the event was over and give us a round about head count so we could start preparing the little things.  See if you walk into a restaurant with 20, 30 or 40 people you can not just sit down.  We have to strategize  and think about our other guest as well.  Now this my only takes a few minutes but while your just standing there it seems like 20 minutes when it’s not but now things are off to a rocky start and they haven’t even sat down yet and it goes downhill from there.  Parents are upset kids are throwing stuff and making a mess and other guest are leaving due to the situation and leave a below level tip, so it is just a snowball effect.  Now as for the tipping, that’s touchy.  That is a whole other story and I have gone on to long.  I hope I helped someone a little, just communicate AND listen I know it can be figured out and EVERYONE can benefit from this wonderful day….. SUNDAY

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

When I got on here last year and put up the post about the book I wrote about my experiences in waiting tables, the response I got was nothing short of incredible! You sent me your stories about how you had been done wrong in your job and all the horrible things that customers did to you, and it made me feel a whole lot less alone. For that alone, my heart goes out to all of you. I think if we continue to share more stories like this, it will result in a more compassionate and giving world. For those of you who haven’t read my book yet, the title of it is “Laughter, Life Lessons and Logic from the Culinary Catwalk Diva Queen of the Waitress World”. It’s a Kindle only book, and it’s only available on My everlasting gratitude for creating this wonderful website!

About to quit

I’m going to have to quit my job soon. With the amount of churches ordering from our restaurant, I can’t afford to pay my bills. We took a 3,000 dollar order to a very wealthy community, let them borrow our cambros, they didn’t give us a tip at all. I’m so disappointed its ridiculous. I was raised a Christian and I think every day how that was a waste of my life. I think Jesus would be disgusted at the way churches treat catering, delivery, and restaurants.